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Education for All

Name: Education for All 
Volume: 017
Language: Karen 
Published: May, 2007


Name: Paralegal 
Volume: 018
Language: Karen 
Published: Sep, 2007


Name: POSH 
Volume: 019
Language: Karen 
Published: Nov, 2007

Natural Disaster2008

Name: Nature Disaster 
Volume: 020
Language: Karen 
Published: June, 2008

Reproductive Health

Name: Reproductive Health 
Volume: 021
Language: Karen 
Published: Sep, 2008

MAP Brochure 2009

MAP Brochure 2009 (Thai)

Passport to Health 2004

In Passport to Health the migrants express their needs and explain what they and their supporters are doing now to address these needs.

Labour Card

Labour Card

A piece of Justice

This handbook provides relatable examples of real stories where migrant workers have sought legal recourse against exploitation and have been successful...

ARM: Automatic Response Mechanism 2010

A step by step handbook for migrant women on what to do in case of sexual violence

Regular Rights: Do Documents Improve Migrants Lives? 2012

A study comparing the working and living conditions of three groups of migrants: undocumented, registered with a migrant worker card, holding a temporary passport. 

MAP Radio Survey Results 2016

For its 10 year anniversary, MAP Radio surveyed its audience to review its impact in the migrant community. 

Regular Rights Second Edition 2015

A Study on the Impact of Regularization of Migrant Workers from Myanmar (Burma) in Thailand

Dream out of Reach: A Living Wage for Women Migrant Workers in Thailand 2018

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