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Regular Rights Second Edition 2015

A Study on the Impact of Regularization of Migrant Workers from Myanmar (Burma) in Thailand 

A Piece of Justice

This handbook provides relatable examples of real stories where migrant workers have sought legal recourse against exploitation and have been successful. The aim is to educate other migrant workers about the legal process and show that not only are they entitled to protection under the law, but that they can be successful in their pursuit of justice.



The Migrant Worker, The Refugee, and The Trafficked Person: What’s in a Label? 2010

Article written by Jackie Pollock in Alliance News, the Global Alliance Against Trafficking of Women magazine.

BAAN 60: MAP’s Emergency Crisis Centre 1996-2013

A history of MAP’s emergency crisis center illustrating the gaps in migrants’ access to health services

Permanently Temporary: Examining the Impact of Social Exclusion on Mekong Migrants

Critical analysis of the issue as experienced by Mekong migrants in destination countries (Thailand and Japan), and migrant returnees and family members left behind in two countries of origin (Myanmar and Cambodia).

Dream out of Reach: A Living Wage for Women Migrant Workers in Thailand 2018

Policy Briefer about what holds back migrant women in Thailand from aspiring to a living wage.

MAP Radio Survey Results 2016

For its 10 year anniversary, MAP Radio surveyed its audience to review its impact in the migrant community. 

Migrant Workers in Thailand’s Garment Factories 2014

This report lays bare the working and labour conditions of migrant workers, analyses industry and government treatment of them as well as the injustices that they suffer.

Exchange, Unite, Empower! 2013

Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights (SRHR) Experiences of Burmese migrant women in Thailand 

SRHR country profile: Thailand 2013

Universal Access to Sexual and Reproductive Rights from a migrant women’s perspective.

Rights And The Radio

Article from AusAID about MAP radio.

Regular Rights: Do Documents Improve Migrants Lives? 2012

A study comparing the working and living conditions of three groups of migrants: undocumented, registered with a migrant worker card, holding a temporary passport. 

From Our Eyes: Mekong Migrant Reflections 2000-2002

“ We decided to tell our stories in relation to the changes in policies and laws and attitudes over the last decade. We decided to tell our stories ourselves, so that maybe you, the reader, can get a real sense of what it means to be a migrant”…

Organizing For Justice 2012

“Organising for Justice” explores the history of the workers movement and the different forms of associations and actions that workers can take to improve their working conditions.

Migrants Movement Consultation 2011

Report from the Migrant Movement consultation organised in 2011. The purpose of the Consultation was to develop greater understanding between trade unions and migrant workers, to provide some information and skills for migrant workers to negotiate their rights with employers and stand up for the interests of their co-workers.