Rights for All

The Rights For All Programme seeks to empower sectors of migrants who are particularly isolated and stigmatized, namely youth, women, migrant families and migrants in times of physical or mental crisis. This programme implements several projects in Chiang Mai and in Maesot..

About the Issue

Many migrants experience hardships in Thailand and have difficulty exercising their rights, but certain sectors are even more vulnerable to discrimination, marginalization, and abuse with impunity. 

Women experience violence at all stages of migration, including at per-departure, during their stay in Thailand, and when returning.  

Migrant youth fall between different sets of non-matching policies, regarding working age, access to education, and their parents' documentation. Families need to access to specific services and documentation including birth registration, school qualifications, etc. 

Migrants living and working conditions makes them vulnerable to injuries and diseases. While they may be able to access medical assistance in hospitals, they also require safe places to stay between hospital appointments or during recuperation which remains problematic as migrants' accommodation are linked to their employer. When a person is sick and cannot work, the person not only looses they income but also their accommodation which severely impacts on their immediate family.

Our Activities