MAP Multi-Media

MAP Multi-Media supports all projects at MAP to produce communication materials in migrant languages to disseminate information to migrant communities on issues of policies, laws, rights, and health. The media formats used include MAP’s two community radio stations at Chiang Mai and Mae Sot, printed materials, audio and video, websites and social media.

About the Issue

Migrant workers and migrant communities are located in hard to reach places. They are often spread out in remote locations, and may live in small or large groups, in the workplace or outside. Domestic workers and garment factory workers are some of our primary target groups. Radio is an effective way of reaching migrants in these diverse situations.


As migrant policy and the political situation regularly change, it is important to provide updated information to migrants. Migrants are highly mobile; they regularly change locations in search of better working conditions, and new migrants are coming into Thailand all the time. This means that the audience is regularly changing too, and many come uninformed.


The lack of information in migrants’ languages in Thailand leaves migrants at a distinct disadvantage in accessing information on rights, laws and policies which affect them.

Our Activities