Book Permanently burmese mmn 1 Permanently Temporary:
Examining the Impact of
Social Exclusion on Mekong Migrants

Dream out of Reach: A Living Wage
for Women Migrant Workers in Thailand

 Name: Migrant Diary 2018
 Language: Burmese
 Published: January 2018
Forest Fire Poster in Burmese


Drought Poster in Burmese
 Fire Poster in Burmese Landslide Poster in Burmese Burmese-magazine,vol14 Natural Hazard Poster in Burmese

Caution Natural Disaster  Burmese-magazine,vol14  Migrant Diary 2017   Earthquake Poster in Burmese
 Burmese-magazine,vol14  Magazine, Burmese Vol 15  Burmese-magazine,vol14   Regular Rights (Burmese)  Burmese-magazine,vol14  Magazine, Burmese Vol 14

 Magazine, Burmese Vol 13

   Name: Migrant Diary 2016
Language: Burmese
Published: December 2015
 Magazine, Burmese Vol 12
bur mag Magazine, Burmese Vol 11 Myanmar-Ministry-of-labour-cover ประกาศจากกระทรวงแรง

Myanmar-Ministry-of-labour-cover1 complaints mechanism
   Sexual and Reproductive
Health and Rights


 Organizing for Justic, 
Burmese language
diary2014 b  Name: Migrant Diary 2015
Language: Burmese
Published: December 2014


 WE Report 2012


WE Report 2011  diary2012 Name: Migrant Diary 2012
Language: Burmese
Published: December 2011
Amount: 5,000 copies


A piece of justic 

posh-guideline The posh worker
training manual 


Walking for Working
is the report of 
WE Get-together

Migrants Movement Consultation 
report is the Introduction to rade
Unions for Migrant workers, held 
in February 24th-25th 2011, 
Chianmai, Thailand


Paral legal update 2010
Name: Reproductive Health 
Volume: 009
Language: Burmse 
Published: September 2008
Amount: 2,000 Copies




ARM (Automatic Response Mechanism)  


 Name: Nature Disaster
Volume: 008

Language: Burmse
Published: June 2008
Amount: 2,000 Copies
Name: Safety at works 
Volume: 007
Language: Burmse 
Published: October 2007
Amount: 2,000 Copies

Name: Domestic worker 
Volume: 004
Language: Burmse 
Published: Feb 2007
Amount: 2,000 Copies

Name: Child & Youth 
Volume: 005
Language: Burmse 
Published: October 2007
Amount: 2,000 Copies
Name: Paralegal 
Volume: 006
Language: Burmse 
Published: May 2007
Amount: 2,000 Copies

Name: Labor's Rights 
Volume: 003
Language: Burmse 
Published: October 2006
Amount: 2,000 Copies

Name: Health Advocacy 
Volume: 002
Language: Burmse 
Published: July 2006
Amount: 2,000 Copies
Name: Forced labor 
Volume: 001
Language: Burmse 
Published: March 2006
Amount: 1,500 Copies

MAP's Publication, Burmese Version

Note: MAP's Media Support Unit produce regulary Interactvie Magazine in three languages (Burmese, Karen and Shan) sometimes we also produce in Thai and English languages.

Brochure and other publications in Burmese published by MAP Foundation

ARM, Automatic Response Mechanism: 2008 ARM, Automatic Response Mechanism: 2003
Birth Certificate leaflet.

Education Policy.
Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety. No. (1) Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety. No. (2)
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