STATEMENT OF DOMESTIC WORKERS IN THAILAND Our Dignity at Work and Labour Rights Must be Respected

Domestic workers play an important role in strengthening the general economic system. Over the past years few years, the work of domestic workers has generated 27,000 million baht.   Domestic workers also play a key role in promoting economic situation in our families because, byemploying domestic workers, other women are able to work outside the home to support their families.  In Thailand itself, many households employ migrant and local domestic workers.  According to the 2009 National Statistical Office survey of employment, there are approximately 230,000 domestic workers in individual households. In addition, according to the latest official statistics of the Office of Foreign Workers Administration, roughly 129,000 migrant workers registered for work permits as domestic workers in 2010. Meanwhile, domestic work is increasingly in demand due to the current economic and social trend where all family members of a working age work outside the home.  It should be acknowledged and recognized that domestic workers play a significant role in driving the economic development and supporting social changes in Thailand.

Conditional Success: The Strike Ends in Khon Kaen

Press Release
Sept 14th 2010 
At  4pm on September 14th 2010 the workers who have been striking for one full week in the Dechapanich factory, Khon Kaen re-entered negotiations with the factory employer and after several hours, the employer agreed to all three demands of the workers but with such conditions that the employer continues to hold the upper hand.