National Children's Day Mae Sot and Chiang Mai

In January, the Education & Identity program, in collaboration with other Rights for All (RFA) programs, celebrated National Children’s Day with migrant communities in both Mae Sot and Chiang Mai. MAP staff engaged youth leaders and caregivers in planning for two separate events in Phop Pra and Hao Fai, Mae Sot, as well as one event in the Chiang Mai area. The youth leaders were made up of migrant students benefiting from MAP’s scholarship program, and the caregivers included children’s parents and non-parent caregivers. These events sought to create a space where caregivers and children could enjoy one another’s company, in celebration of the bond between them—key to the healthy development of children in the community.

MAP staff, caregivers, and youth leaders were involved in generating ideas for event activities, which included races, eating contests, soccer games, crafting, a raffle, and musical chairs. Youth leaders performed as emcees at the events, allowing parents to participate in activities with their children and take a break from their demanding work lives. Snacks and prizes were provided by the MAP Foundation, and the events themselves were attended by a total of 150 children and caregivers. The engagement of caregivers and youth leaders in organizing the event created a safe, culturally relevant environment for the community to celebrate its children. 

Children play musical chairs at National Children’s Day event in Chiang Mai. 

IMG 4143

MAP staff prepares children for the egg race on National Children’s Day.

IMG 4174

Children and parents line up for a toy raffle at the event. 

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