MAP Multimedia Programme produces advocacy materials in migrant languages, such as Burmese, Shan, and Karen in order to effectively reach and empower the migrant community. Our media strives to responds to the needs and requests of the community as well as provide support to the work of existing programmes focusing on the themes of labour, women and health rights.  MAP produces a wide range of audio, video and print materials to address issues migrants face within their cultural context.  MAP resources are carried in numerous libraries, migrant resource centres, and even broadcasted over loudspeakers in migrant communities.  In addition, MAP Multimedia produces special publications in Thai and English for advocacy and education purposes, such as MAP recent report Critical Times; Migrants and the Economy: Chiang Mai and Mae Sot and the MAP's 10-year Anniversary Book.   


The Rights For All Programme seeks to empower sectors of the Burmese migrant population in Thailand who are particularly isolated and stigmatized, namely youth, women, migrant families and migrants in times of physical or mental crisis.

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