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MAP Foundation urgently requires donations for the printing and translation of our publications.

The distribution of information is vital for the empowerment and education of migrant workersand their families from Burma that have come to Thailand. Our publications constitute the main source of information they have when living within this new complex legal and social environment after fleeing from poverty, civil war and/or prosecution in Myanmar. Information is crucial, as many migrants have never had education on the rights they should hold – like labour rights, the right to social services incl. health insurance, SRHR, etc.

As the migrants are not a coherent group, but encompass several different ethnicities, translation into a diverse range of languages is necessary. Among others, migrants are (and speak) Burmese, Shan, Karen, Kachin, and Lahu.

The authorities in Thailand provide almost no information at all to migrant workers and their families – an estimated 2 million arrivals annually – in an ever-changing political environment that amends registration policies and labour laws on a yearly basis.

Information is desperately needed on issues like health care, social security, occupational health and safety, labour rights, and registration procedures to improve the present situation of wide-spread labour exploitation and human rights violations. Registration procedures every migrant is required to pass to avoid becoming illegal and undocumented – a status that has incurred mass deportations of migrant workers in the past, and that is still predominantly held due to the process’ costs and complexity.

Your donation does make a difference!

We require funding for the printing and re-printing of our publications, and the translation of them into different migrant languages!

Print versions are preferable as many migrants – especially those living and working as domestic workers, on farms, factory grounds or construction sites – lack the access to the internet. Moreover, hard copies can be kept, shared with friends, family and the community, and referred to whenever needed.

Please transfer you donation to this bank account*:

Account name: MAP Foundation
Account number: 504 – 050441 - 6
Bangkok Bank
Branch: Suthep Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Please put PTDONATION as reference with your bank transfer!

*Please visit again soon to be able to make international donations through PayPal or via credit card!

How does my donation help you?


(1 publication) 
$ 5 6 book copies 4-page document
$ 10 12 copies 8-page document
$ 20* 25 copies 16-page document
$ 50 62 copies 41-page document
$ 100 125 copies 83-page document



*$20 are roughly equivalent to GBP £13, EUR €16, AUD $23 and CNY ¥123. For more currencies please refer to

Our goal

  • The printing of about 2000 copies of 10 different publications mainly in the 2 migrant languages Burmese and Shan. Amount needed: USD $1600.
  • The translation of around 20 publications (one document on average 20 pages): USD $480.


Total amount needed: USD $2080.


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