Migration, Youth, and Empowerment

This project started in 2012, because of the great needs of the migrant community in previously neglected rural areas. Together with the Foundation for Education and Development (FED), MAP reached out to the migrant population in the rural areas aroundMae Sot such asPhobPhra and Mae Ramad Districts inTak Province. The project is contributing to the aim that children and youths belonging to the most-at-risk populations enjoy their rights to education, economic security, sexual and reproductive health, and protection from all forms of abuse, exploitation, and violence as well as from disasters. However, in the project area, migrantchildren and their families are in a situation where they lack most basic rights, and a holistic approach to address their basic and essential needs must be applied. The project uses many ways to inform the migrant community about their rights and opportunities. MAP considers the access to information as the first step towards empowerment and capacity building.

Since the start, we have managed to open five Drop in Centres (DIC), offering counselling services, information, books among other services. The centres also provide information on contraceptives and family planning counselling. One DIC is located in Maesot prison, where MAP conductsmuch appreciated monthlyhealth workshops.

In 2013, a 100 parents’ meetings, 90 outreach visits and 34 community workshops have been held on topics like sexual and reproductive health and rights, occupational health and safety, children education, domestic violence, copying stress, seasonal disease, workplace situation and so on. Computer training and youth campsare conducted to empower the migrant youth.

MAP community radio has also been important in this project, to reach out and inform the migrant community in these rural areas. 

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