The Rights For All Programme seeks to empower sectors of the Burmese migrant population in Thailand who are particularly isolated and stigmatized, namely youth, women, migrant families and migrants in times of physical or mental crisis. All migrants experience hardships and dangers in Thailand and have difficulty exercising their rights, but certain sectors are even more vulnerable to discrimination, marginalization, and abuse with impunity.  Women from Burma experience violence in Burma, on their journey to Thailand and while living and working in Thailand. Migrant youth fall between different sets of non-matching policies, regarding working age, access to education, etc. Because of the dire economic and political situation in Burma, people migrate with their families, and thus need to be able to access services and facilities and documentation for families including birth registration, schooling, qualifications etc. The situation in Burma also means that migrants have very poor health when they arrive and then work in hard conditions thus further exposing them to injuries and diseases. While they may be able to access medical assistance in hospitals, they also require safe places to stay between hospital appointments or during recuperation.

Our Programs


Safe Schools 

Teaching youth to live safely in schools


Migration, Youth, and Empowerment

Providing support and fostering empowerment at drop in centers across the country


Education and Identity

 Facilitating access to education


Women Exchange

 A safe space for women to share their stories and build support networks


Crisis Support / Emergency House

Support and space for the most at risk


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