Social media fuels police crackdown on Shan migrants in Thailand

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Shan migrants in northern Thailand have become the targets of an online hate campaign and systematic police crackdown, after news spread of a series of gang-related attacks in the Lanna capital.

Over 200 migrants have been arrested and detained by police in the northern city of Chiang Mai in the wake of two vicious knife attacks on Thai citizens, which have been pinned on a group of ethnic Shan youths, known as the “TaiYai Samurai Gang”.

More than 200 Shan migrant workers in Chiang Mai have been arrested in apparent retaliation for a clash between a gang of Shan youths and Thais.

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Rumours that a Thai youth had been stabbed and killed in the attack have spread through social media and the ensuing public outcry appears to have prompted the police to carry out an unprecedented crackdown.

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